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Limited Edition 

Certification of Authenticity

The Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity is a security measure for artists and photographers to certify the authenticity of their limited edition artworks and reproductions. It helps prevent forgery and confirms the genuineness of the art printed on Hahnemühle paper. The certificate includes:

  • Premium Quality: Made of high-quality mould-made paper with deckle edges.

  • Distinctive Features: Contains a Hahnemühle watermark and fluorescent security fibers for added security.

  • Serialized Holograms: Features a unique numbered hologram, with a matching hologram placed on the artwork’s reverse side.

  • Customizable: Allows for personalized text and layout to suit individual artworks.


This system ensures that each piece of art is linked to a specific Certificate of Authenticity, safeguarding the work’s integrity.

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