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Our Partners

We take pride in collaborating with industry leaders to enhance the quality of our Giclée prints. As part of our commitment to excellence, we’ve partnered with two renowned German companies.


Giclée explained: Originating from the French ‘to spray’, Giclée uses advanced inkjet technology with fine mist nozzles to capture every detail, producing museum-quality prints.


Our prints come to life with Canon’s 12-colour LUCIA PRO pigment inks, known for their vibrant, lasting colors and stunning gradients. Together with Hahnemühle’s archival papers and canvases, our prints are designed to stand the test of time.

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Archival Paper

Hahnemühle: Our archival paper is exclusively sourced from Hahnemühle, a brand with an impressive 440-year legacy. Their papers, have been trusted by generations worldwide. 

Here are some of their notable products we use:

  1. William Turner: A fine art inkjet paper that captures the essence of traditional master pieces.

  2. Photo Rag: A versatile archival paper suitable for fine art photography and printing.

  3. Baryta FB: An exquisite paper designed for black and white photography, offering exceptional tonal range.

  4. Cezanne Canvas: A canvas material that provides a textured surface for creating stunning art pieces.

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Halbe Rahmen, from Germany,  has been producing frames for more than 75 years. We


Our frames are sourced directly from HALBE, crafted in Germany. HALBE frames epitomize uncompromising quality. As a market leader, they specialize in picture frames and individual framing solutions for museums, exhibitions, and both private and public institutions. Their commitment to excellent presentation, lasting conservation, and preventive security sets them apart.


With our HALBE frames, you’re not just buying a frame; you’re investing in a legacy of craftsmanship and innovation.

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